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  • When is the best time to start a HypnoBirthing Course?
    The best time to start a hypnobirthing course is in the second trimester of pregnancy, around 20 weeks. This allows enough time to learn and practice the techniques before labor and birth. Starting earlier than 20 weeks can be beneficial as well, as it can help prepare you and give you more confidence in the process.
  • How many classes are in the course?
    The course is made up of 5 sessions over 5 weeks with each session being 2.5 hours.
  • What's included?
    The HypnoBirthing®️ text book by Marie Mongan MP3 relaxation tracks for both parents Parent class workbook that includes additional relaxation scripts, nutrition, birth positions and more Birth preferences template Continued support via email and phone leading up to your birth and into the Post-Partum.
  • Should my Partner/ Birth Companion attend with me?
    YES! HypnoBirthing is all about bringing you together as a family and showing your birth companion just how important they are in this journey. Your Birth Companion is someone who should be supporting you through birth. It can be your partner, husband, sister, mother or close friend, whomever you choose.
  • What will I learn in class?
    HypnoBirthing ®️ is a fully comprehensive antenatal course, designed for you and your birth companion to have a gentle birth, free of fear. Through this course you will learn; Why and how, you can have an easier, more comfortable birth How your partner/birth companion can support you, every step of the way Self-hypnosis for relaxation and pain relief Nutrition, exercise, massage and toning How your body and baby work together to birth Putting together your birth preferences and plan Achieving a natural start to labour Positions for labour and birth Selecting the right Care Provider for you and your individual needs Releasing limiting thoughts and fears Breastfeeding and the 4th trimester And LOADS more!
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